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The profit potential in the internet marketing industry is pretty phenomenal -- those that are able to do it well are sometimes able to make millions. Conversely, however, people who do not apply the principles of SEO and SEM probably stand to lose a lot of money. To ensure that your websites rise up the rankings in Google and that a profit is made from your hard work, a number of techniques will need to be employed. These range from submitting articles to directories, approaching other websites and asking for links and of course the process whereby one will buy backlinks to push their website further up the rankings.

It is often said that, if you are running a business that cannot maintain a profit while still investing in advertising, then there is probably something wrong with your business. To some extent this is true, and the best internet marketers all use Google Adwords and other search engine advertising platforms. However, for the beginner, the investment can be significant and by employing the wrong techniques, a lot of money can be lost.

In reality, it is better to use a mix of SEO and pay per click campaigns to maintain a more balanced marketing profile. This will limit risk in case one of your income streams dies, but it does take significant amounts of time.

Of course the most important part in any SEO campaign is to get a significant amount of backlinks, and for as many of those links as possible to be from quality sources. The best way of doing this is usually approaching other sites for links because that is where the quality links often come from. However, this is significantly time consuming. buy backlinks Therefore it is often a much better and a more efficient idea to buy backlinks in the form of packages from various SEO companies. When researching the different packages, find out what page rank sites you are likely to get the link from and how persistent the links will be. The persistence of the links is very important because if they disappear very quickly then you are wasting your money.

It is also important to find out what kind of sites the links are coming from the and whether you consider that Google and the other search engines may feel these kind of sites are providing "spammy" links. It is still okay to use some of these types of links if they are of lesser quality; however you should first ensure you have a number of strong, good quality links pointing to your site.

The reality is that a site that has had exclusively organic links pointing to it with no SEO efforts will often have the huge mix of links -- some will be low quality and some high-quality, so having a diverse link profile pointing at your site can make your link building efforts seem more natural to Google. It is important not to use exclusively low quality links because, although you may get good results at first, it is possible that this method will make your site drop in the rankings later on.

The process whereby an search engine optimizer will buy backlinks is one stage in the whole SEO process. By properly researching the different companies that sell links, you should be able to find one that will give you a quality link profile and increase your profit potential.